Thee Akoluthic Techno Orchestra

Manchesters Megadog Soundsystems

Club Underground, Manchester. 7th June 1997

The Techno orchestra has grown out of the desire to combine acoustic classical instruments with the multi media mind fuck of a rave. How many times do you go to a club or a night with a supposedly live act or live PA, usually two guys with a DAT machine and two keyboards, neither of which get plugged in. The Techno orchestra is different combining ten classically trained instrumentalists with a DJ, everything you hear is played live, no overdubs and definitely no backing tapes. The line up consists of three percussionists, string quartet, oboe, bass, didgeridoo and vocals playing Trance/Techno tunes specially written for them.

Gareth Sandell Didgeridoo/Percusion

The Techno Orchestra are:

Cyber Brujo: Carl Russell

Oboe/Vocals: Steve Dolan

Violins: Adi Brett Lizz Rossi

Viola: Roisin McCann

Cello: Claire Taylor

Bass: Anthony Antonio

Percussion: Adam Burns,

Howard Jacobs,

Gareth Sandell

DJ + Mixing: Andy Harris

Audio Engineer "Dr" Ben Houghton

Carl Russell -The Cyber Brujp


Adi Brett -Violinist

Musically the Techno Orchestra takes you on a trip of surreal soundscapes with "Halo’s Glare" combining middle eastern instrumentation and haunting vocals creating sand blown visions of sun drenched surroundings and rippling heat haze. Then, through hypnotic percussion it slowly builds into a burning mantra of sound. "Brave New World" takes you on a bizarre conceptual trip from quiet almost ecclesiastical refrains to the adrenaline rush of banging Techno- at times spiritual, at others darker and more elemental.

At the Centre of all this is the Cyber Brujo directing the musicians, cujolling, conducting and dancing out the ritual magic of the music and evoking the spirits in a shamanistic orgy.

Lizz Rossi -Violinist