Cloud Bass Alpha- Testimonials

Andrea Tarr - Director Mixolydian Publications publishers of Veterinary Prescriber

"I had a promising business idea, but very little money with which to begin, and no idea about how to go about creating a website or how to tell people about my idea. Cloudbassalpha made my business idea a reality. Carl created the prototype website for Veterinary Prescriber using an affordable off-the-peg service. He integrated Facebook and Twitter and, more importantly showed me how to use them. These (especially Twitter) have been enormously important in putting me in touch with people who want to help develop and support the publication. As well as building the website, Carl has also taught me to how manage it myself. This has given me a much better understanding and control of this aspect of my business than I think I would have had if it was completely managed by someone else. He is an intelligent and creative person to work with, who very quickly gained an understanding of my business needs.

I have adopted several Cloudbassalpha ways of working: using internet tools to plan my work; having access to all my documents wherever I am; and using Camscanner to digitally record receipts and invoices and save them to my files any time (no need to save paper receipts any more). These all give me great flexibility in where and when I work, which I value tremendously. I would not have easily found these tools myself.

I can’t think of where I would have looked for such a diverse, tailor-made and cost-effective service as this, which has been so empowering."

Ema Doherty - Director Exact Makeup Art

"Thank you so much for your patience, expertise and tenacity whilst I've been setting up my business, getting to grips with social media and all the online systems available to new business owners, your enthusiastic guidance has been invaluable. Now a year down the line you've empowered me to make changes to my own website, and I love being in control of that, it has no doubt saved me a heap of money. 

Thank you again for everything you have done and the inspiration you continue to provide me, I couldn't have done it without you."


Geoff Denyer - Director Geoff Denyer Violins

"As a maker, restorer and dealer of violins, violas, cellos and bows, I must admit to having no knowledge of up to the minute technology and had a very limited website to promote my business.  Fortunately I approached Carl at Cloud Bass Alpha in Winchester, who has not only created an exclusive website but also ensures I am continually in touch with the best possible way to market my business.

The help and advice Carl has given is invaluable and I look forward to the continued service of Cloud Bass Alpha in the future." 


Town of Cats -Gyp-Hop Ska with lashings of Latino and a side of Funk. 

As a performer/act/band trying to push on into the music industry, media in any form becomes vital. The Internet is now the biggest promotional tool one can use in order to increase fan base, book gigs and gain the interest of promoters/publishers/record labels. Unfortunately being 'Tech Savvy' isn't something we are all born with, and to some of us it's quite difficult to get to grips with at all.  
This is where Cloud Bass Alpha comes in. Carl isn't just there to facilitate, and create your website (although should that be the case the outcome would still be extremely helpful) . He is there to show you how it's done, to adjust you to a world of social networking, regularly updating, expanding your ideas and ambitions for your business (or in our case music). This isn't just another 'student-teacher' learning programme that can feel like a bore and even seem patronising; this is a short term partnership, in which you are left with all the knowledge and skills you need to maintain your website by yourself. By gathering up as much information as possible about your project, Carl not only sets up goals to aim for and work towards, he also puts love and attention into you achieving them. Since working with Carl, we have found it a lot easier to book gigs, spread news and increase our fan base. Thanks Carl, for embracing the bass