One of the original Splazoomoff tickets.

Ben Heaney also joined the band for an airing of their new song "Loved to Death" and there was also a one off performance of Jane's Addiction's "Three Days". Unfortunately, although two videos were taken to the gig only one of them worked and so there is no video or recording of either "Three Days" or Ben's performance. It is with great sadness that these items are missing from the full collection but below are each of the songs as a separate file from YouTube along with a playlist of the whole set and finally the whole concert in one edit....enjoy!

To check out other videos from Thee Akoluthic and Cloud Bass Alpha click the You Tube link.


Future Echoes


Way back in 1995 Darryn Robinson (Muppet Rabies) started Splazoomoff. The Muppet Rabies headlined the first event in the series and Thee Akoluthic were invited to headline the second accompanied by Omkara, Concrete Head and East West Coast. Having already headlined at the Boardwalk and the RNCM Thee Akoluthic were ready to put their unique blend of multi media madness into practice and headed down to Manchester University on 19th May for a now legendary performance. Armed with computer animations from John Rashid and John Miles, dancers Emma Watson and Helen Keegan and the band made up of Carl Russell on vocals, Simon Murphy on Guitar, Anthony Antoniou on bass, Steve Dolan on oboe, Alan Broady on keyboards, Howard Jacobs on percussion and drums and Dougie black on drums, Thee Akoluthic motored through their set comprising mainly the tracks from their Sunrise and Salmagundi tapes with some new material and some surprises.


Sunday's Child

Complete Movie

YouTube playlist