Covers Page

I have for a long time really enjoyed singing along to songs of my favourite artists and love doing my own covers and different versions of songs. The main reason being so that i can do the singing. I actually have several covers and version on the go at the moment so will keep adding to the covers pages. But for now, here are a sample of some of my favourites. Keep coming back to check for new ones as there are still loads to be added.

In My Time of Need

Yet another Opeth cover makes its way onto the Cloud Bass this time a version of In My Time of Need from the 2003 album Damnation. It's an absolute classic full of really awesome tunes. It's not what I would call typical of the Opeth output not featuring any growly vocals at all but just full of beautiful melodies and sounds. It has the most fantastic sing along chorus and really grabbed me when I first heard it. Having just completed the project for Harvest I was keen to find my next film project and instantly had a really clear idea of what I wanted to do with this beautiful song. Below is the video link just click to play and the customised Cloud Bass Alpha Soundcloud player with free download. 


Harvest is the third song from Opeth's 2001 album Blackwater Park. This cover was done during April 2012 and features Carl Russell and Andrea Tarr on vocals with Jerold Chu providing the guitar solo. Availble as a free download driectly from the player above.Click here to read "Harvest...the story".

Here is the video made to go along with the song.


Coil is the first track from Opeth's 2008 album "Watershed". I will never forget listening to this the first time open jawed at the beauty of this song and the diversity of the album. I have to thank Duncan Mackinnon for the acoustic guitars part, Henry Dalgleish for the bass, Henny Ford for oboes and Andrea Tarr for vocals. The other vocals and guitars were done by yours truly.

Coil Live

 I also performed Coil in a concert with some friends and here is the YouTube clip. 


Soldier of Fortune

Originally by Deep Purple from their 1974 album "Stormbringer" this Coverdale/Blackmore song represents the zenith of the prog rock ballad  I first heard this song as a bonus track on Opeth's 2005 album "Ghost Reveries" and loved it straight away. I just had to do a version of this myself. Armed with my guitar, B4 plug in and BFD I went to battle.

The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegroove

Dead Can Dance are another group that i have always found inspirational and i have several other covers of theirs on the go. I have a similar range of voice to Brendan Perry so have always enjoyed singing along to the songs he sings on their albums. This song has always been a favourite right from when the "Into the Labyrinth' album was released in 1993 but in this version i wanted to make it harder hitting with a drum and bass feel to the chorus. Adrianne Wininsky supplied the cello parts.