I feel so sick today!

I am completely sickened today to hear about the Panama Papers that have been leaked. Especially after that hypocrite David Cameron criticised others about their aggressive tax avoidance and evasion. Then what do we discover today, his own father had a company based in the British Virgin Isles for exactly these reasons it seems.

So, in the midst of my sickness, an anger now starts to develop. That anger develops ever greater when I go back and realise that David Cameron went to a private school, one of the most exclusive in the world, Eton. That school has charitable status despite it, and some of the other very top ones, getting caught colluding with each other and acting as a cartel in fixing their fees. Charitable status means it doesn't have to pay tax.

So not paying tax seems like a normal thing to David Cameron. He was brought up with that at home, went to a school where that same attitude prevailed. It seems to be the same for some of his colleagues such as George Osbourne and Boris Johnson.

So why do we keep voting for these people whilst at the same time getting totally done up the tunnel by them? Why should we everbelieve a word of what they say? The Prime Minister of Iceland had to resign today because of revelations about his wife's company and tax avoidance. The only decent thing for David Cameron to do is resign.