Embrace the Bass podcast 04

Embrace the Bass podcast 04

It's been all go in the Cloud Bass with lots of interesting and exciting things going on and I was delighted to be joined on Skype by one of my old friends Ema Doherty from Exact Makeup Art. Ema and I met when we were both students in Manchester some twenty odd years ago now. Ema was an intrinsic part of my group Thee Akoluthic dancing, providing choreography for the Symphusion concert and as you can see, was the poster girl for the group and featured on the psychedelic cover image of the groups first releases. 

One of the many things I really love about Ema is that even though she has worked with me in the past, whatever crazy, ridiculous idea I come up with she is always willing to be involved again and again! Her enthusiasm is infectious and appreciated. 

Most recently we worked together on my film of Opeth's In My Time of Need. She turned out to be a cracking little actress and she looked so good on the film posters I had to do several versions cos I just couldn't decide which one I liked best so ended up using them all.

Click the soundcloud player below to listen to the latest Embrace the Bass podcast where Ema tells us all about hair, clothes and makeup!

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