The BedZed Sessions

Recorded, filmed and edited over a two day period Christmas 2007 the BedZed sessions were inspired by the BedZed eco community in Hackbridge. I had moved there with my partner at the time in August 2007 and found the place to be a hot bed of creativity, artistry and community. I met some really nice people there and made some lovely friends. There were also some pretty amazing musicians there and i got really inspired by some of the guitarist's I met to get back into playing my acoustic guitar. I was looking for songs I could sing and play (not an easy task considering the tessitura of my voice). So i practised, came up with the set list, set up the camera and microphones and away I went. I spent Boxing Day 2007 recording and filming and then the next day editing the video and synching up the audio. I hope you enjoy it.

Above is my customised SoundCloud player with audio only versions of the set.

To the right you can see a play list I have created in YouTube to stream the videos of the whole set.

To advance through the play list simply click the forward button in the bottom left hand corner of the YouTube player.